By no means are gifts required, but some gentlemen often ask if they can get me something special to show appreciation for my time. My preference for gifts is always a cash tip, but I understand some enjoy the physical aspect of a gift. Below you will find a few options should you be so inclined to gift a little something special.

Clothing - Since different brands can fit so differently, let me pick something out for you and then gift you with a picture to remember our time together. If this is what you would like to do, make it easy for yourself and just provide a gift card or online gift voucher. I will do all of the hard work and then gift you with a picture to enjoy it.


  • What woman doesn't enjoy being pampered with a day at the spa! Whether it is a massage, facial, pedicure or a full day at the spa, when we are more relaxed, you will be more relaxed. A favourite of mine is the Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Pacific Rim, but any downtown Vancouver spa would be enjoyed.

  • Gloss Boudoir (photo shoots)

  • Sephora - We always want to look our best for you and that includes makeup and other beauty products.

Foodie Gifts - As a foodie, any food related gift is a great one and will be thoroughly enjoyed.

  • Whole Foods gift card

  • Chapters gift card or a physical cookbook you think I might like. The ones with lots of beautiful pictures of the recipes are my favourite!

  • Gift voucher for a cooking class (it can also be for two if you would like to join me for our next date!)

  • Chocolates - I do love high quality chocolate, especially dark chocolate!

  • Wine - Champagne, Sparkling Rose, Malbec, Rose


Crafting Gifts - Crafting has always been a productive way for me to relax as I love to be able to use my creativity. Whether it be playing with acrylic paint or making jewelry, I love it all!

  • Michaels Arts and Crafts gift card - I always prefer to purchase locally when possible.

  • gift card - Great for buying misc. art supplies in bulk at great prices.