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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the proper etiquette when contacting you?     

I am a very low volume companion who only accepts 2 bookings each week, and as such, am not available for last minute dates. The more notice you can provide me with, the better the chance is that I will be available to see you. Priority is given to those booking for longer engagements. Please note that I do not discuss “services” as bookings are for my time and company only. Emails that are missing booking details, screening information, or contain crude language, will likely not be responded to.

What is your screening process?

Please review the Etiquette page for details. 

I filled out your booking form, so why haven't you responded?

I am a very low volume companion who has a regular full time job, so I am very selective with the gentlemen I see as my time is limited. Many don't actually read my contact form and improperly fill out my form, won't provide all required information or are rude/vulgar in their introductions. Sending multiple enquiries over time also ensures that I will not respond to you because first impressions are very important and if I don't respond to your first enquiry, I will not respond to others. If you do not hear from me it is because of one of those reasons or I don't think that we would have any chemistry from the information you provide and to ensure that I also enjoy myself, chemistry is very important to me.

What is your cancellation policy?

I reserve my time for gentlemen often days in advance, decline other personal and professional priorities, and sometimes incur expenses in order to see you. My cancellation policy is 50% of the session rate, or equal to the deposit which was made to book the date, and is non-refundable. If a gentleman needs to reschedule a booking and I feel that it deserves special consideration, it will be fully at my discretion.

Why do you require a deposit?

Unfortunately there are a lot of time wasters and people who book with companions just for the intention of either not showing up or cancelling at the last minute. When I first started working in this industry, I experienced a lot of this, but since I have required deposits for all of my bookings, I haven't had a single no show or last minute cancellation. Gentlemen who know that they will show up and respect and value my time never have an issue with paying a deposit. 

When will you be visiting my city?

I am currently not touring, but I am available for "Fly Me to You" arrangements throughout Canada and worldwide. Please contact me for rates for your specific request. All travel expenses will be in addition to the booking rate and covered fully by the client.

Do you take clothing requests?

I typically do not as you can trust that I’ll always look stylish, sexy and sophisticated during our time together. I am alway dressed appropriately for the type of booking you have made. On dates where I may be experiencing something new for the first time, I may ask for your suggestions, but for the most part I usually wear a feminine dress or skirt with a blouse and a sexy lingerie set underneath. If there is something specific I would require for our date and I don't yet have it in my wardrobe, please be kind enough to send a gift card in advance and with adequate notice so that I may purchase the proper attire ahead of time.

What services do you offer?

I do not discuss intimate details during the booking process. Let's get to know each other first! I believe in establishing connection and chemistry in the first date and communicating our desires for future meetings once we're familiar with each other. My ideal client is more interested in getting to know me as a person and discovering mutual interests together over time, rather than simply looking to check off a few boxes.


Should I be worried about providing my personal information?

This can be a concern if you are booking with someone who isn't a reputable provider, but remember that hurting you, results in hurting our own reputation and our reputation is of utmost importance to independent companions as it is how we get attract new clients. Just as providers screen our clients to be safe, it is your responsibility as a client to make sure you also screen the providers you would like to book with. Reputable providers run legitimate businesses and acting unprofessionally would only damage our credibility. Reputable, independent providers like myself can not survive without client/provider confidentiality. 

Can I post a review about our time together?

For the most part I do not like reviews and review boards as they are often very toxic places that aren't healthy environments for companions or gentlemanly clients. Review boards are often used by those who don't respect our time and safety and complain about us when we don't feel comfortable booking with them. As every experience is a unique experience, I prefer to have an authentic and individualistic experience with gentlemen who book with me. If you are unsure of whether we would have good chemistry together, I suggest viewing my twitter account and the rest of my website to get a better sense of who I am as a person. If you wish to write a review of our time together, I do ask that you refrain from going into detail about specific details of the time we’ve spent together, personal info I may reveal or matters of an intimate nature I do not already share online. If you’re unsure of whether I’d be comfortable with something you’d like to post, please reach out beforehand.

As a new client, how long of a booking do you recommend booking for?

The one thing you have to know is that it is very easy to lose track of time and it goes by a lot faster than you think. I recommend a minimum of a 4 hour dinner date for a first date, but to be honest, my most enjoyable bookings are those that are overnight or longer. It's great to not have to worry about the time and it makes it a lot more enjoyable for both people. All of my overnights with new clients have resulted in regular clients and I am sure that if you book one, it will be just as memorable!

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