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If you are new to spending time with a companion, please carefully review the following screening requirements for requesting a booking with me. Screening is required for all clients, with no exceptions. The purpose of screening is to ensure my safety as I value my well-being above all and will never see anyone who attempts to negotiate their way around screening. Your information is kept confidential and is never shared.


The following items are required when requesting a booking with me. Your name, age, non-app phone number, a little bit about yourself along with the specific date(or dates) you are looking to book for, the time, length of booking and whether you are looking for an incall or outcall booking. I do require work verification for screening and references from other independent, verifiable companions you have recently seen in the past are a great supplement. Just as it is important for a companion to screen a potential client, it is also important for you to screen a companion you are thinking about booking with. A reputable companion will have an online presence and if they have social media accounts, you can get a better sense of their personality and whether you think you would have good chemistry together.


Deposits are required to book an appointment with me as they help to ensure that you are committed and accountable to keeping your appointment and they give me peace of mind should you cancel. This is not my full time job and I have other personal life commitments outside of this work and so I need to be very protective of my time. Deposits are 50% of the total session rate. Details on how to send your deposit will be discussed via email. Deposits are non-refundable as they cover the time it takes for me to book your session, as well as taking up a time in my schedule that I am no longer able to book with someone else and this results in a loss of income for me. It will be solely up to my discretion on whether or not I decide to let you use your deposit towards a future booking.  


If we are meeting in private, please present me with my donation in an unsealed envelope upon meeting. I may then excuse myself to the washroom to discreetly confirm it. If our date involves meeting in public, please provide the session fee discreetly in a small gift or a book in which you think I may like.


Self Care

I take great care to maintain impeccable hygiene and always ensure that my personal presentation is at its best. Please make sure that you do the same. Once we are ready to move into a more intimate situation, please take a quick shower and freshen up with mouthwash. I do not consume recreational drugs of any kind and expect that you will also refrain during our time together. I am allergic to cigarettes, so if you are a smoker, please be sensitive to this. Enjoying a cocktail or glass of wine is acceptable, but please do not overdo it as it will negatively affect the outcome of the booking. I value my comfort and safety above all, and retain the right to cancel the appointment at any time should I no longer feel safe and comfortable.


Please treat our correspondence and time together with the utmost discretion. Rest assured, I have no interest in your personal life beyond the time we spend together and therefore will always keep your information private. I expect the same from you, which includes any personal details I may choose to disclose to you during our time together. Your screening information is kept private and is never shared.



I am not always able to offer last minute extensions to dates, but if my schedule permits, there would be an additional fee added to my regular hourly rate. This is because I organize my schedule around our time together. I do often receive inquiries asking for the option to extend once a client has met me, so if you are unsure of how long to book for a first meeting, I recommend a dinner date of 4 hours or a longer booking which includes an excursion we can both enjoy to help you relax away any of your first time shyness. You will be surprised at how quickly the time flies by!


Fly Me To You(FMTY) 

I am not currently touring, but I am available for "Fly Me To You" arrangements throughout Canada and worldwide. Please contact me for rates for your specific request. All of my travel expenses will be in addition to my regular booking rate and to be covered in full by the client. 


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